XIII, the Story (part 3/3)

Today we reach our destiny.
Or at least we can try.

The Whore and the Beast

In a dirty street, far away from heaven, a man shouts to the skies that the end is coming. The Whore from Babylon and the Beast with the seven heads, he claims, are coming and the end of times is nigh! He looks at you and with yellow eyes he points a boney finger directly at your soul, "she'll take the flesh and the devil the rest".

Do You Remember the Cold?

You walk away, still hearing the man's shouts getting further and further away.
In your pocket you have a train ticket and, before you can question your destination, you see yourself on the move and covered in so much warmth and music that wonder if you even remember the last time you felt cold.

After the Night

The night comes and you lose all notion of time and space. The train goes on and on as a giant party with no destination into the night. The alcohol, the drugs, everything in you that just wants to be primitive and have fun is unleashed under the safe
blanket on the song Afte the Night.
By the end of the night, you don't feel good anymore.
Every celebration must end and, more often than not, the worst behaviours are still to come.

Bridge to a Staring Sea

When you get out of the train, the night wind licks your face.
Your head hurts and you feel like you were the last one to leave the party.
In front of you, an old bridge projects itself over the sea. The waves crash slowly as you walk with no direction in mind, following the great concrete and wood snake that challenges the sea to bring it down.

Tied in High Tide

From afar  you hear an old man humming a song from his land.
He sees you and invites you to get closer to his lighthouse as he strums his banjo and sings about a man who cursed god and the devil and could never come back to dry land.
The song is called Tied in High Tide, he whispers.
At sea he was lost, the old man says, and as the song unfolds, grows and fuses with the forever crashingwaves, you finally realize that you're the one who's lost.

So you leave, seeking something or someone to guide you back to your path.

And the story, as it always is and as it always will be, repeats itself.