XIII, the Story (part 2/3)

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Little Bird

The Children of Caligula left you behind and followed their dancing way.
Now you're in a forest and you sit by an old oak tree,
resting your aching feet.
Up there, the birds sing to each other about a Little Bird that dared fly higher,
all the way to the sun. You rest your head and enjoy the sweet melody.

Not Far Enough

When you wake up the sun is already down again. Far away, in the darkness, you see the light of a bonfire and approach it carefully. 
Around you are your old Guide and his hound companions that sing a song called Not Far Enough, about lost loves and times that are gone and are never, ever coming back.
No matter how much we howl, they're made out of smoke now.

The Weird Tales of Grandma Marinette

The bonfire is almost dying but, before you sleep, the hounds share a story with you. One of an old spirit that lived in a far away land. The spirit, they say, is the werewolves' patron, so you should be safe tonight.
These are the Weird Tales of Grandma Marinette. 


The day dawns once more and you find your way to a city near by.
There, the sound of the closest pub fills your ears as you stumble through crooked streets. You open the door and allow the music to wrap itself around you while the whisky warms your throat and guts. Drink, says the song Gasoline, drink up this gasoline, scream the piano tiles in your mind.

Cidade do Meio

With the whisky putting a twinkle in your eye, you walk through the Cidade do Meio, a name they tell you means The City in the Middle. As an innocent lamb, you follow your way across streets, alleys and avenues, feeling the smooth stones polished by time under your worn out boots. The buildings sing with the wind and the city seems to devour you without you even realising.  And while you're here, you belong to her.


Curious to see where this is going to take you?
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