XIII, the Story (part 1/3)

To us, XIII is a trip.

(I have the strangest feeling we've been here before!)

A story we try to put together with our experiences, our lives,
our pains, pleasures and happiness. 
And a bit of madness, after all, just plain reality would drive us crazy, obviously. 

Distant lands, the city where we were born, voodoo, witchcraft and drinking.
We hope you like our trip!

(There's that déjà vu again)

Guia Para o Perdido

Guia is about, as the word Guide in portuguese would indicate, getting lost.

Not knowing where to start, how to go on or where to stop.
You look around and seem not to completly understand how you got where you are. As your mind tries to recreate your last steps, friendly words from many years ago echo through your mind and, if you're lucky, will guide you back to your path.

Oh Oh

In Oh Oh you lost your guide and the sky seems dark and menacing above your head.
You ask yourself if things could have been different in this moment where the world feels like it's going to end and the stars fall from of the sky.

Children of Caligula

Well, the world didn't end and you're still alive.
But you're no longer not alone.
Around you dance the Children of Caligula, eternal sinners that, without you realize, are making you dance and forget your troubles.
You can dance all you want because, like they remind you singing, consuming the night, leaves you dead to the sun and we all dance our ways to the gallows. 
At least you're not alone.